Love and then Leave Me

Breath to breath we lay in one breath,
Arm in arm we wrapped to one fault,
bone to bone we broke in one stroke,
skin to skin we latched on to lost hope
We loved as one and collapsed into plenty-

Poured into each other- we left each other empty

My lungs latching onto lust,

breaking sweat from thrust to thrust
Trusting that this will disappear
That is a reality I no longer fear
Farewell part time lover-

go on to find another,
go on by your day,

leave me wishing that someday-

love won’t only arrive to leave……..
To leave me lingering off a bitter taste,
Shivering in the heat -this was a waste.
Gone baby gone,
Left to rule on a prickled throne
Itch to scratch where he once touched
I have never hated to love this much

©Sabrina Najib + Ngasuma


5 thoughts on “Love and then Leave Me

  1. There’s so much heart break in this poem.. it was so much in rythm in the first stanza.. like a properly working heart, and then it started to wither into laboured gasps- how breathless you feel when someone leaves you.. how tired. But you still hope- the heart continues to beat in it’s own broken way hoping someday to be healthy again

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    1. Thanks Prachigoyal, I am stoked that you have been able to grasp on to the exhaustion part, and that the labour of love is draining and selfish


  2. This is beautiful; it resonates with my experiences. You managed to awaken the pain memory senses that came with those who love and then leave. Does it then mean that it wasn’t really love in the first place?


    1. Or perhaps that love doesn’t have a permanent residence- that it shifts and moves – it needs to travel with time.
      It could also mean that we love and fall out of love
      too quickly and


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