Quench for Purpose

Solomon pilgrimed to Babylon in search of purpose-
Standing audience to false prophets, he read parables,
– Yet between the lines he still didn’t know a truth for certain.
His companions felt now a mare’s nest compared to the wisdom of veterans-
So he changed his company to spend Sundays with the reborn who prosper in reverence.

Besotted, he changed his routine to reflect the teachings of his new prophet-
For a leap year he remained devout to reflect his revived way of innocence….
Until Solomon reassessed to realize he was a tax payer who gave the Lord’s home a profit-
Manifested his needs by following gospels which promised heaven- if you were to make a deposit.

Now a man of his own- he spent his nights in ponder.
Now a feather in a storm he yearned to be closer to the ground-
So he returned to his hunger state of searching for a new order.
Again he would find new cults, new scripts and new trends to abide to,
Only to be disheartened when the young man would find no breakthrough.

59 years behind him he would subscribe to a more quenching channel-
No more questions need answering in the company of his best mates-
One a preacher and one a cure-Sir Jack and Daniels.

©Sabrina Najib


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