Alas my love you have arrived!!!!
Besieged to thee I have surrendered to you- all.
Cast on to me more – I am addicted to your spells…….
Drunk on lust- you were brewed to thirst me.
Ecstasy fuels my pupils at the sight of you,
Floods my blood to a feverish crimson…
Gathering my former self from the thorns I once swallowed-
How sweet……. How sweet it is, to stay wanting you.
I often fear I might grow green and make a mess of this……
Jaywalk on my own heartstrings- I might crash into you,
killing us both- to become remains of what was a-
Love story crafted for black and white cinema.
Maestro!!! Take the lead, conduct me your orchestra
never to stall a symphony which becalms my soul to sleep.
O what a new world this is- where to live is to dream.
Prone to fall head first for the likes of you….
Re-born and re-lived….
Somehow you made my heart deathless,
though you bring a wind that leaves me breathless.
Under and over heavens and earth,
Vie, c’est la vie- though not so to sigh.
Wars have never been so distant ever since……
X has marked his spot,
you are mine and I am for him.


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