Save Yourself

Do not abandon your float to fix a wretch on a one man raft.

Why let a thief take your breath away to pursue their own craft?

Do not make yourself an anchor if they defy your centre of gravity,

Have you hold your breath to sink while they swim in romantic tragedies.



Do not build to house a gypsie who finds their home on the run.

Why let a nomad take your temple and trade it for a caravan?

Do not make yourself a shelter if they sleep better on the roof.

Have you give refuge to be shot while they are built to be bulletproof.



Do not quench your thirst to give a river to the sea.

Why let a basin take away your motion for their passing safety?

Do not make yourself a source if they run away from beginnings.

Have you create an opening while they quest for new endings.



Do not lose the night to chase a moving sun.

Why let the sunset take your sleep while it rises in another time-zone?

Do not make yourself a slumber if they do not dream at night,

Have you arrive with the stars while they yearn for less of your moonlight.

©Sabrina Najib