“Your honour where I fought with the law and the law lost-

You’ll find sufficient evidence in this floral potion”



“Took his life in the very ocean that carried him from Pemba to Madagascar.”

Sleepwalking to find you

I still wish you would pick up your phone,

I’d tell you to stay home and reverse the events which led to the crash.

Hymn for 25

Here I arrived to close,
Here I leave to open.
I am well.

Oath to Preserve

So here is my new oath to make,

That what is precious shall not be easy for anyone to take.


Guest in my home who wears a halo above your crown,

Will your heaven be sweeter if you draw horns above mine?

Trenches in Purgatory

“The atheist who still fears the hereafter, is a soul in warfare with themselves”

Diamonds in Granite

“Not all is as it seems, there is more than meets the eye. The sparkle in rocks are not made of diamonds, as all that glitters is not gold”